Winter is Coming...... May 02 2014

With Winter just around the corner Kiwi Onesies is pleased to announce that we are extending our 2014 range even further with 17 more Adult designs! With more than 60 Designs this winter why would you want to shop anywhere else? All Onesies will be at our Fantastic Low Price of $49.00


Our New designs include the following,


-Angry Bird


-Jake (Adventure Time)

-Finn (Adventure Time)


-White Tiger


-Yellow Unicorn

-Midnight Cat

-Charmander (Pokemon)

-Care Bear (Green)

-Care Bear (Purple)

-Care Bear (Blue)






The Onesies have all touched down with us this week and with all going well will be available to purchase from 12/5/14. 


Are there Onesies that you want but we don't have? Let us know!